Running has added so much to my life. I have met so many people. Been to so many places. My life is full of memories and stories about running. Running can be for a lifetime. I ran in junior high school, high school, college. I have run through my working life. I hope to run in my retirement.

Once upon a time I ran to be fast. I still like to push myself. I love running and racing for the social aspects. Group runs are a great way to have good conversations. The same with before and especially after races. There is plenty of time to catch up with friends.

Now I live for streaks. My longest streak is the Manchester Road Race on Thanksgiving Day. That streak goes back to 1977. I can think of no place I would rather be on Thanksgiving at 10:00 in the morning than Main Street in Manshester. I have a long streak at the Santa's Day race in Glastonbury, CT. I ran the first one in 1978. Due to college and work I missed a few races in the 1980s and early 1990's. But I think I have not missed a race since 1995. That streak does not really mean that much to me for unknown reasons. I am very proud of my Boston Marathon streak. I ran the 99th running of the Boston Marathon in 1995. I ran it just because everyone wanted to run the 100th Boston in 1996. I just kept qualifying and going back to Boston year after year. I now an a member of the Quarter Century Club, members have active streaks of 25 years or more of finishing Boston. I think it is quite cool. I do love about my Mount Washington and Mount Greylock streaks. They are joined. I got into Mount Washington for the first time in 1988. I also started trail running in 1998 and my first trail race was the Mount Greylock Centenial Marathon. Mount Washington is the third Saturday of June and Mount Greylock is the third Sunday in June. Most years that is the same weekend. I love wearing my Mount Washington race shirt the next day at Greylock.

I have created separate pages for some of my favorite races.

The Roads

The Trails